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Labor certification - green card

Obtaining A Green Card Through the Employment Sponsored Labor Certification Process

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With many years of experience of successfully obtaining Green Cards through employment sponsorship, Pedersen Law will help you take the next step in your Immigration process towards your U.S. Residency, guide you through the entire Immigration process from start to finish and provide legal advice regarding the quickest route to achieving your U.S. Residency…


Thousands of Immigrants obtain Green Cards in the U.S. each year through the employment sponsored residency process. This is often the most common way Immigrants obtain U.S. Residency in the U.S. The process for this type of sponsorship by a U.S. company on behalf of a foreign national for a Green Card is called "Labor Certification"

Obtaining a Green Card Through Employer Sponsorship –Labor Certification System (PERM)

One of the most common ways to obtain a Green Card (U.S Residency) in the United States is through employer sponsorship, called "Labor Certification (PERM). This process involves a U.S. employer sponsoring a foreign national for residency in the U.S., by offering that individual a future job (once the labor certification and I-140/I-485 petitions are approved). The Labor Certification (PERM) process can be fairly quick, between 3-8 months. Once the process is complete, individual's with Master's Degrees or higher can usually apply for a Green Card immediately. Those with a Bachelor's Degree or at least two years of training or experience in their occupation generally need to wait several years or more (depending upon the country of origin) before filing for a Green Card.

We Can Help You Make Your Immigration Dreams Come True!

In order to assist you and your family in obtaining a Green Card (U.S. Residency) through the employment sponsored immigration process, our attorneys will thoroughly review your case to determine eligibility. For more information on employment residency, visas or other Business Immigration, please call or email our office to schedule an Attorney Consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your immigration dreams!

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