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Personal Achievement

Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability

Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability

Whether you are a renown Actor, Athlete, Artist, Dancer, Director, Musician, Writer, Singer, Scientist or other professional recognized at the top of your field, Pedersen Law will take care of obtaining your U.S. Residency as an individual of Extraordinary Ability. Our Law Firm takes care of the entire Green Card case from start to finish, including providing legal advice about qualifications and eligibility and guiding you through the entire Immigration every step of the way…


Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability.

U.S. Residency for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability

Because the United States values individual achievement, a special type of visa has been set aside which allows foreign national to actually apply for U.S. Residency directly, without the requirement to be “sponsored” by a family member or employer in the U.S.. This visa is the Green Card equivalent of the O-1 Visa (for temporary work in the U.S.) and many O-1 Visa holders are able to qualify for U.S. Residency.

Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability.

The Extraordinary Ability Green Card is for Individuals who have demonstrated “Extraordinary Ability” by their achievements and have risen to the top of their professional fields, such as artists, renown doctors, award-winning athletes, writers, directors, musicians, painters, singers, performers, scientists, dancers (the list goes on and on). Those who qualify can obtain U.S. Permanent Residency in the United States very quickly, since this is by far one of the most expeditious avenues for obtaining U.S. residency. In fact, the USCIS can issue an approval of a qualifying Immigrant Visa application in as little as 15 days!

Qualification as an Extraordinary Ability Individual:

Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability.

To qualify, you must have publicly-recognized, national or international acclaim as a per¬son who is one of the few who has risen to the top of their field in science, the arts, education, business, or sports. You do not need an offer of employment, as long as you can demonstrate that you will continue using your extraordinary ability in the field in which you gained this reputation once you are approved for your Green Card. If you previously entered the United States on an O-1 nonimmigrant visa, it is likely that you may also qualify for U.S. residency by virtue of your Extraordinary Ability.

Evidence to demonstrate your Extraordinary Ability Includes:

Unless you have won a Nobel Prize, an Oscar, or a similar internationally recognized award, you must meet at least 3 or more of the ten criteria:
• Lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards
Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement (as judged by recognized experts)
• Significant published material (written by others) about you relating to your professional work
• Service as judge of the work of others in your field
Major contributions to your field (i.e. DVD's/recordings, patents, copyrights, cure for a disease), etc
Scholarly articles written by you in publications
• Artistic exhibitions or showcases (i.e. art exhibitions, athletic competitions, etc.)
Leading or critical role for distinguished organizations (i.e. featured actor/actress in movie or TV program, being chosen to create a new logo for the Olympics, etc.)
High salary or remuneration (compared to others in the field)
Commercial success in performing arts (shown by box office receipts or record, cassette, compact disk, or video sales)

Obtaining A Green Card Through Extraordinary Ability

We Can Help You Make Your Immigration Dreams Come True!

Our goal is to provide the best representation possible. Once you have compiled your documentation, we will thoroughly review your credentials, determine your potential for visa approval based upon this information and advise you regarding your possibility for qualification. Because the USCIS has become very strict about approving these types of visas, we do not accept every case and will be honest with you about your possibility for success. Please feel free to fully discuss your case and options with us before making a final decision about this or any other kind of Immigration Visa filing. For more information about Immigrating to the U.S., Green Cards, Employment residency, visas or other Business Immigration, please call or email our office to schedule an Attorney Consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your immigration dreams!

Find out how Pedersen Law can make your Immigration dreams come true! Your Success Is Our Greatest Reward – see you soon...

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